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Onet Connect Classic


Onet Connect Classic is a great entertaining game through matching similar items. You can choose any mode and participate in different challenging levels.

About Onet Connect Classic

Welcome to a new connection game on our Uno Online website! This Onet Connect Classic game gives you 3 modes and thousands of different levels.

3 Connection Modes

This Onet Connect Classic game has 3 modes: Animals, Food, and Fruits. Each mode will have a unique theme like their name. When you participate in Animal mode, all items are adorable animals such as cats, dragons, dolphins, frogs, birds, etc. The remaining two modes are similar as you can immerse yourself in the world of food and fruit. It is extremely suitable for food enthusiasts.

Besides the theme, these three modes also differ in the level and arrangement of items.

Levels Of Onet Connect Classic

Each mode includes hundreds of levels with different challenges. The items will be arranged in different orders. As a result, you can experience different playing boards with new challenges continuously.

Moreover, when you advance to the higher levels of Onet Connect Classic, you will face a maximum challenge: the movement of items. Items will move each time you move.

More Connection Information

To connect in Onet Connect Classic, you just need to use your mouse to select two identical items. These two items need to be connected with less than 3 straight lines. If more than three lines must be used, it is impossible to connect.