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Join Idle Breakout to break all the bricks on the screen with different values. Don't forget to upgrade and unlock new power-ups to improve your achievements! This online game is a well-known idle game with simple gameplay.

The Breakout Gameplay

In the Idle Breakout game, players just need to use the mouse to click on the bricks. One click corresponds to one damage.

At level 1, all bricks are blue at level 1 and you only need 1 damage to break that brick. However, when you enter level 2, all the bricks will increase to level 2 and it is the same for the next levels. As a result, you need to click many times to break a brick. It will be time-consuming as you progress to higher levels, so this idle game provides you with upgrades.

Idle Breakout Upgrades

Upgrading is an important factor that helps you conquer Idle Breakout levels faster. If you have ever started a War of Sticks game, you will understand the role of upgrades.

First Upgrade

Players can increase the damage of each click. You can increase your strength in order to break all bricks at high levels with 1 click. Instead of clicking on the level-2 bricks twice, you can upgrade and destroy them with one click.

The damage of your click will increase based on the number of times you upgrade.

Idle Breakout Power-ups

Besides upgrades, you can unlock new power-ups like Crashed Up, Click Frenzy, Demon Core, Snow Ball, or x2 Gold. These power-ups are only unlocked after you collect a sufficient number of bricks.