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Advertisement is a multiplayer gaming world where you will transform into a hole to eat everything, increase your size, and compete with other players.

Your Character And Its Abilities

The main character in this online game is a hole which you can see in Gobble. These two characters have a similarity.

In terms of appearance, this character will be a bottomless pit. In this new gameplay, the game gives you many new skins to equip before participating in the official matches. Currently, you have 35+ skins and there are many unique skins. The skins not only change in color but they are also designed according to many prominent characters. You can see special Among Us or Shark skin. These skins will make the matches more interesting.

In terms of abilities, your character has the ability to eat objects that match its size. After each meal, the hole will get bigger and increase in size. As a result, it can eat larger objects and grow faster. In particular, the hole has the ability to eat other holes if your character is big enough. Thanks to this ability, your character will be able to participate in multiplayer battles. These battles will place specific requirements depending on the mode you participate in.

All Modes

There are 4 modes in this multiplayer game: Classic, Battle Royale, Teams, and Solo Run. In addition to the Solo Run mode, the other 3 modes all have one thing in common: multiplayer. The number of participants is high, so the battles are very intense to win. In order for the matches to be fair, each mode has its own rules.

  • Classic Mode lasts for 2 minutes. The character with the largest size will win.
  • Battle Royale will put players in a common arena and not add new players. The last person to survive will win.
  • Teams Mode will divide players into 2 teams to compete with each other.
  • Solo Run Mode takes you to a solo battle where you need to try to eat the entire map in 2 minutes.