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Control a hole to collect object with that hole

Hole and Collect is a fun game where you have to move a hole to collect many objects on the ground. You need to complete the mission in a limited time.

Move on the ground quickly

The timer is limited, so you need to control the hole more quickly. Of course, you have to collect all objects on the ground. You should clear all objects when you move in some area. Otherwise, you may take time to move around and around to collect all objects. Don't stop because time doesn't wait for you.

Don't let any objects left

You can see the progress bar on the screen. If you collect all the objects on the screen, the progress bar can reach 100%. However, if the time ends while you have not collected 80% of the total objects, you will lose. Objects are designed in a variety of ways. They can be cosmetics, trash, food or household items.

Effect of hole in Hole and Collect

The objects are randomly arranged on the ground and you need to put them in the correct position. For example, you need to arrange food in the cupboard or throw trash in the right trash can. At this point, you will collect all of these objects into the hole. After you have put all the objects in the hole, the hole will automatically put these objects in the correct position. This game is very entertaining just like Snake of Bullets: Collect and Shoot.