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Snake of Bullets: Collect and Shoot

Create snake of bullets in this game

Snake of Bullets: Collect and Shoot is a collecting game where you will collect bullets. The bullets connect like a snake and destroy barriers on the road.

Collect as many bullets as possible on the road

On the way to the destination, you will see many bullets scattered along the road. Your task is to collect them and connect them together. These bullets will automatically move forward so you need to make quick decisions. Sometimes there will be two lanes for you to choose from and you need to quickly choose the safe lane.

Dodge the dangerous obstacles

You can see gears or spikes in some locations. You need to steer the bullets away from them to avoid destroying the bullets. For some shields along the way, you can load bullets into the gun and shoot them apart. In general, make sure as many bullets reach the target as possible.

Destroy the fortress at the finish line in Snake of Bullets: Collect and Shoot

Getting to the finish line is not the only purpose of this game. When you reach your destination, you will see there is an enemy base ahead. At this point, you will load the ammo you collected into the weapon in front. You will then shoot at the base until it collapses. You will not be able to destroy the base in just one level. Moreover, you can use gems to buy the more powerful weapons such as AK or tanks. Besides, I know another thrilling game called Subway Surfers Bali.