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Gorilla Tag is a platform-conquering game for all players who dare to take on other players. Control your Gorilla to reach the top of the game.

About Gorilla Tag

This online game focuses mainly on a gorilla with a strong body. This character stands out with a large red body. During your journeys, you will control the gorilla to explore new lands and meet new friends.

This Gorilla Tag game facilitates players to meet other players. Through it, you can communicate and make friends in an online gaming environment.

In addition, this new game offers a peaceful environment without any competitions. Therefore, you can enjoy your journey to the fullest.

How to Control Gorilla

The controls for Gorilla Tag are similar to the Getting Over It game where you control a yellow cat in a pot. To control the gorilla, you just need to use your mouse to point in different directions. After that, use the push force to move your character in the desired direction.

Although this Gorilla Tag game is non-competitive, players can still enjoy thrilling adventures. The races are made interesting by the terrain as well as the encounters. Enter Gorilla Tag now and enjoy the uniqueness of this platform game!