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Getting Over It


Climb slopes that other players can't reach in Getting Over It to show off your climbing ability with a hammer. Let's move while you are sitting in a pot.

Getting Over It Overviews

Welcome to this popular adventure video game that tests your climbing skills with a hammer.

In this Getting Over It game, players will see a yellow cat sitting in a pot. It holds a hammer to move. When you participate in this online game, you will transform into this character.

Details Of This Climbing Game

Let's learn about this Getting Over It game with gameplay and some notes!

Mission While Climbing

The goal of this Getting Over It game is to control the main character, the yellow cat, to climb and overcome obstacles along the way.

To move, you will use a hammer to move the cat in the pot. The control keys are the mouse or keyboard to move the hammer and create attacks to climb objects. This moving way is completely unique compared to Build Your Aquarium.

Notes For Getting Over It

When participating in this adventure game, players need to adjust their strength to climb obstacles. Adjust the thrust and power of your shot in Getting Over It.

In addition, in this online game, if you fall from a high position, you may be returned to the starting point or a nearest checkpoint.