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Welcome to the aquarium in this game

Build Your Aquarium is a fun idle game where you can develop your own aquarium. There will be many sea creatures appearing in this aquarium.

This game allows you to own a small aquarium. You need to develop it into a large aquarium with different types of sea creatures. There will be many visitors to the aquarium and buy some sea creatures as pets. You will make profit from selling these sea creatures. This game has simple gameplay and does not require skills from the player. You may like Minecraftle Game which can bring much relaxing time to you.

Manage the aquarium in Build Your Aquarium

At first, your aquarium will be quite small but it will increase in size after you earn a lot of money. The money you earn can also be used to upgrade your character.

Catch sea creatures

Your aquarium is built right next to the deep sea, so you just need to go to the ocean to catch sea creatures and bring them to the aquarium. You are a good diver and it only takes a short time to catch the creatures. Move out to sea and let the red laser beam shine on the creatures to capture them. You can only catch fish that have been unlocked. The locked fish will become available after your character levels up.

Upgrade characters and aquariums

You can use the money you earn to upgrade your character's speed and capacity. From there, you can catch more sea creatures. Furthermore, expanding the area and buying more glass boxes also requires a large amount of money. So, the more money you have, the easier your job will be.