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Fruits Solitaire


Fruits Solitaire is a puzzle game combined with fruit-matching games and solitaire games. Let's connect a pair of same fruits and remove them from the board.

Special Fruit-Matching Way

In Fruits Solitaire, your task is to match a pair of the same fruits, but the way fruit-matching is extremely special. The fruits are placed in vertical containers. You can only move a single fruit from one container to another. For this move, you need to place two identical fruits next to each other.

This fruit-connecting method challenges players because you cannot move the fruit freely. Movement space is limited because containers are limited for each level. In addition, the free space of each container is also limited. If you want to move a fruit to another container, you need to make sure that the container has free space.

Rules Of Fruits Solitaire

In addition to fruit-matching, players should also pay attention to some of other game rules. Below, you can follow the two most important rules of this puzzle game.

Time Requirements

Each match of Fruits Solitaire has a time limit. Players must remove all fruits within this time limit. You won't face this requirement if you play Solitaire Match. However, this solitaire game adds a time-limited feature to challenge the players. In the first level, time is comfortable to conquer challenges. However, as you progress to higher levels, time becomes scarce. There are too many challenges that you have to conquer in this limited time.

Fruits Of Fruits Solitaire

The fruits are moved freely between containers. You just need to find empty positions for the fruits and move them to those positions. Even if the fruits are not the same, you can move them. This is an extremely convenient rule for players to conquer this challenging Fruits Solitaire game.