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Flappy Dunk is a basketball-inspired game where you need to score points by getting the ball into baskets. However, your ball can fly like a flappy bird. The special gameplay is waiting for you to enjoy! Let's start now!

Flappy Dunk Gameplay

This online game is inspired by online basketball, so the gameplay has similar characteristics to a basketball game. Players can score points by successfully getting their ball into the basket. However, the process of throwing the ball is not as simple as regular basketball games.

How To Control Your Ball

Your ball can fly the birds. To control the ball's movement direction, you just need to click to make it fly higher or release to let it fly lower. Using this control, let your ball fall into the baskets. With this moving way, the game reminds many players of the famous Flappy Bird game. It is similar but this Flappy Dunk game is combined with basketball gameplay with more interesting features. In particular, during play, players should pay attention to some game rules.

Flappy Dunk Requirements

To earn points in this basketball game, players face exciting challenges.

First, it is impossible to collide with the walls. You need to avoid the walls above and below to keep your ball safe. Second, players cannot miss any basket. Your ball will continuously move forward. If you go across to a basket and don't make a successful shot, the game will be over.

With this style of basketball, players can also be interested in online baseball, called Doodle Cricket. Play and experience these two sports games now!

Flappy Basketball Scores

Normally, players will receive one point for each successful throw at Flappy Dunk. However, like basketball, players will receive bonus points for good shots and it is similar to this online game. You can get 1, 2, or 3 points depending on the height and distance of the ball. In addition, you can also get more points if you make successful throws consistently.