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Doodle Cricket


Doodle Cricket is a baseball simulation game between ants and snails. Try to score as many goals as possible while transforming into adorable characters! Have you ever played baseball in this special way? Try and enjoy it!

Play Baseball with Animals

In Doodle Cricket, players seem to be immersed in the animal world and participate in baseball games. The two main characters are ants and snails. With these two adorable animals, how will you play baseball?

Ants in Doodle Cricket

The ants act as attackers in this sports game. There are two ants in two different positions. One ant is responsible for hitting the ball while the other ant stands in the center. Once the ball is hit, the two ants will continuously run and change positions. The number of successful runs will correspond to your points.

In regular baseball games, the number of members on the attacking team is larger. However, this online sports game has reduced the number of members to make playing easier.

Note that the ant character may change after matches.

The Role Of Snails

There are 10 snails in the defense team. One snail will stand in the center to throw the ball while the remaining 9 snails will wait in different positions on the playing field. When the ant hits the ball, the snails are responsible for picking up the ball and throwing it to the center. This process needs to be done as quickly as possible to limit the ants' ability to score points.

In Doodle Cricket, the snails move automatically. Your main task is to control the ant to hit the ball.

Score in Doodle Cricket

In this online sports game, players will participate in endless baseball matches. The game only ends when you miss the ball. Otherwise, you can play continuously and score as many points as possible. Points are calculated according to the number of successful runs by the attacking team. Therefore, the ball hitter is extremely important. Hit the ball to the farthest positions to get more running time.

Time is an important factor that affects your score. It is similar to Magic Cat Academy 2 where you also need to race against time to kill ghosts with your magical abilities.