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Fancy Pants is an adventure game with a prominent orange-pants character. Take this orange-pants character into the first world and conquer online challenges!

Fancy Pants Introduction

This online game focuses on the adventure world where players can enter a new land! This new land is very large and vast with different terrains. Therefore, the excitement and thrill will leave a lot of impression on Fancy Pants players.

However, the first impression for players is the orange-pants character. This Fancy Pants character has a slim and tall body. This simple body makes his orange pants stand out even more. When moving, the movement of orange pants always makes players feel excited.

If you are a fan of adventure games like Getting Over It, this Fancy Pants game is extremely ideal.

Run With The Orange-Pants Character

Let's learn about how to control the character Fancy Pants first.

How To Control Fancy Pants

  • Use the left and right to move.
  • Use the S key to jump.
  • Press the Up to open doors and Down to duck.

You can duck while on a slant or land to roll. In addition, you can press the spacebar to pause the game. These control keys are very important to control the orange-pants character.

Missions With Doors

In Fancy Pants, players will press the up arrow key to open doors. Behind the first door, players can go to Start Game, Level Select, Trophies, Do Not Enter, and Options. Once selected, you can enter the official Fancy Pants game to control your character.

Control your orange-pants character to collect winds and avoid dangerous creatures.