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Release all stress with this entertaining game

Elastic Man is the best entertaining game that many players recommend in the world. This game has no required game rules or missions for players.

No missions or game rules

Interesting games like Perfect Slice will always give you mandatory tasks or requirements. However, the entertaining game I want to introduce will bring you a completely new game genre. You don't have to follow any game rules or complete any missions. What you need is to pull and release your stress.

Realistic movements

In this game, you just need to pull a man's face for fun. He has a rather unique face with big eyes and elastic skin. When you pull the skin or any part of a man's face, these parts will change shape. After you release these parts, the man's face will return to its original state. Every movement of the skin or eyes is very flexible and realistic, creating a comfortable feeling for the player.

Customize graphics quality in Elastic Man

This game allows you to choose high or medium resolution mode. Of course, movements and details will be clearer and more realistic when you set it to high resolution mode. However, if your device is weak and laggy, you should choose medium resolution. There are no scores or opponents, this game does not require your intelligence or agility. Moreover, the control is really simple because you just use the mouse or tap on the screen depending on your device.