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On the endless wooden cutting board, perform Perfect Slice by clicking to chop foods into small pieces and unlock new fruits for more satisfying slices. This online game is more addictive than your thoughts with thrilling gameplay.

Perfect Slice Gameplay

The gameplay of this online game is extremely interesting with how to use a knife and how to unlock new items. These two features are both extremely attractive to players to participate in cutting challenges.

How To Use A Knife

In the Perfect Slice game, your task is to control the knife to cut food into small pieces. Common foods are fruits such as lemons, watermelons, apples, bananas, chili peppers, coconuts, etc. Once cut, these fruits will become small slices with a beautiful effect. Players often love to see those perfect cuts.

To make a cut, you just need to click to control your knife. With each click, your knife will make an instant cut.

How To Unlock Perfect Slice Items

You can unlock new knives and new fruits.

  • To unlock new knives, you need to collect gems. After that, use these gems to spin randomly in the Shop section. Note that the price for random spins will gradually increase over time.
  • To unlock new fruits, you need to conquer each level and fill the secret gift. Once this gift is unlocked, a new fruit will appear on your track.

With this unlocking feature, players are always excited to unlock each item.

Some Cutting Tips

This Perfect Slice game includes many different levels and there is a useful way to conquer levels faster. With continuous cuts, you will fill the progress bar and get points. Normally, you get 10 points for each slice. However, if you make consecutive cuts, your score can be x2, x3, x4, and x5. With these multipliers, you not only get more points but also complete a level faster.

In addition, there are obstacles on your way including metal cutting boards and guillotines. Your knife will briefly stop working if it collides with a metal cutting board. The guillotine is more dangerous because it breaks your knife. In this situation, the level will restart. With these two dangers, players should stay as far away from metal cutting boards and guillotines as possible.

These tips are useful for all players to make perfect slices. In addition, you can also access 2 to get some tricks to win. These strategies can complement each other.