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Earn To Die 2 is the second survival adventure after the original. Continue to control your vehicle and overcome all zombies to move towards your destination. The original version is Earn To Die where you also complete the same missions. However, in the second volume, you will face more challenges.

More Challenges In Earn To Die 2

As you can know, this new game is the second version in the Earn To Die series, so it will be more challenging than the first version. You will conquer the same paths, but the objects on this path have changed a lot. The number of zombies increased significantly and the terrain became more complex. The journey from Forgotten Hills to Desert Dash has never been so challenging.

Your vehicle will easily get trapped by zombies. Besides, obstacles such as blocks, platforms, or sticks also create challenges for players. So what should you do to conquer these challenges? Head to the next section to find out!

Ways To Defeat All Zombies And Challenges

The most effective method is to upgrade your vehicle to overcome all the difficulties of this Earn To Die 2 game. After upgrading, your car will have greater energy and combat capabilities. Besides, its resistance will also increase.

In addition, your control ability will also affect winning or losing in the game. Therefore, don't forget to practice and improve your control ability to conquer the roads ahead.