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Earn To Die is a popular video game series with 4 versions and different destinations, including Forgotten Hills, Catus Wide, Red Canyon, and Desert Dash. Each destination is a challenging trip for each player to enjoy and experience!

4 Destinations In Earn To Die

4 destinations include Forgotten Hills, Catus Wide, Red Canyon, and Desert Dash. You can easily follow them on the map. When you join this online game, you will move to each location in turn. Your main move is to move from one location to the next until you reach Desert Dash. Each journey will be associated with the topographical characteristics of these locations. In particular, the influence of hot tropical regions will greatly affect you when you constantly move on sand dunes or dry roads.

To start entering a location, select the Garage section first and select your vehicle. After that, let's press the Go button to start.

Go To Thrilling Journeys

The journeys in Earn To Die are very thrilling because you will face many interesting challenges. The first challenge is the series of zombies that appear on the way. Move past them and move forward. Besides, the terrain will become the second challenge for players. The complex terrain with plains, mountains, and hills will make moving become difficult.

To conquer these difficulties, the most effective way is to upgrade your vehicle at the Garage. The game will stop when the car gets stuck. Therefore, upgrading the engine is extremely important. Besides, don't forget to practice your control ability to move as far as possible.