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Help the aliens jump into the sky

Doodle Jump is an exciting jumping game that forces players to be agile and precise. You need to move Doodle left or right to jump to higher platforms.

Our main character in this game is a green alien. He has 4 legs and a mouth that can shoot bullets. He is trying to get back to the galaxy by jumping on platforms. These platforms are like a staircase to take the aliens up into the sky. Of course, his way back was not easy because of the obstacles and monsters along the way. You are the one who will help him avoid these dangers. If you like the endless running game, you can't skip Relic Runway.

Jump and jump higher in Doodle Jump

This game has quite adorable doodle graphics. The monsters also become more fun through these drawings. Your task is to help the main character jump as high as possible.

Jump up on the green platforms

There are different types of platforms that have different characteristics. For example, broken brown platforms will cause your character to fall. Additionally, the blue platforms will move continuously. To jump onto these blue platforms, you need to time your jump right.

Shoot monster in the galaxy

As you move higher, your character will face more dangers. Black holes are just one of the dangers the main character must face. The monsters will be more difficult to deal with because they can move and chase your character. Use bullets to take them down from below.