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The plot of this game

Relic Runway is a classic running game where you turn into an explorer. You enter an ancient temple that contains a valuable gem and a rock monster.

In your adventure, you can see a beautiful gem on the head of a statue. Then, you take the gem from that statue and the terrible thing happens. As soon as the gem is out of the statue, a monster appears and wants to capture you. This monster is huge and solid, so you have no method to defeat it. Therefore, you can only run away and avoid all dangers along the road. If you hit any objects on the road, the monster can capture you immediately.

The adventurer's escape in Relic Runway

On the road, there are tons of obstacles that can hurt or prevent the explorer from running. You must be quick to avoid all of these obstacles.

The obstacles you have to face

If you know all the obstacles, you may overcome them more easily. Now, I just walk through some prominent obstacles in this game. The statues standing on the road can be overcome by choosing another lane on the road. If there is fire on the way, you just need to jump over them. For some sudden obstacles, you must have a quick reflex to avoid them. You also need to pay attention to the terrain you pass through. These could be landslides or ropes to swing on.

Take advantage of useful items

This game does not only design the obstacles but there are also some useful items. These items can be found on the road. They can be the magnet, the gift, the shield, and so on. For example, the shield allows you to run without avoiding any obstacles for a minute. If you don't like this running game, you can relax with Sushi Party.