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The battles of donuts in this game

Donut vs Donut is a fighting game where your warrior is a yummy donut. Moving the donut to push the others out of the ring is what you need to do.

This game has a food theme but the gameplay is as thrilling as Vex 8. You are responsible for a donut's movement on a round platform. There are three other donuts on this platform. Then, the donuts will fight each other. The donut who wins three stars first will become the final winner. You have to join many rounds because winning a round brings one star to the winner. Moreover, this game allows a maximum of 4 players to enjoy at once. Each player turns into a donut and pushes each other. So, you can invite your friends to play this game at the school or at home.

How to push the opponents out of the ring in Donut vs Donut

The round platform in this game is a safe area for donuts. If any donut is out of this area, it will be destroyed immediately. Therefore, you can beat your opponent by pushing them to a dangerous area.

Adjust the direction

The donuts will rotate continuously so it will be difficult to move the donut the way you want. When the donut's face is facing any direction, press the control button to move the donut in that direction. Sometimes, you also need to adjust the thrust to avoid going outside the safe area. Quickly move to a safe area if you are pushed into danger.

Be careful with the points at the edges

You will see there are some objects at the edges. They can be a thrust that helps your donut move quickly or a dangerous bomb. If these objects are bombs, you should avoid touching them. These bombs are extremely dangerous because they can destroy your donuts.