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Crossy Road is a fantastic arcade game where you must be careful to cross. If you want to exist longer, you wait for the right time to run over the roads.

The Overview Of Crossy Road

Crossing the road is indeed a very difficult and dangerous task. You need to be careful not to lose your life. If you've actually crossed the street in real life, you will be well aware of the risks you can take. So the game simulates crossing the street. You can join the game and practice your observation and quick reaction ability.

In the game, you need to quickly cross the roads as quickly as possible so as not to collide with any cars. A collision will force you to pay with the character's life. So if you cross the street without paying attention, you will have to start over from the starting line.

In addition, the game also requires your movement speed. You must control your character to move quickly so as not to lose. You will have to stop the game if your character is gradually covered. Keep moving forward and survive as long as possible.

You also can move to the left and right to collect as many coins as possible. The coins will help you to exchange other new characters. You can own many kinds of adorable animals. This game will focus on running gameplay, so you can try new experiences with Shell Shockers.


  • WASD or the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the spacebar to go forwards.

Some Challenges You Must Face

Many kinds of vehicles: In the game, you not only face small cars, but you also have to cross the road with countless other vehicles. The trucks or pickup trucks are hazardous. Take caution to pass them. In addition, the train with high speed is so scary. Their speed can crush your character at any time. You need to cross the subway quickly.

The dangerous rivers: You will be put at high risk when facing the rivers. You have to jump on wooden planks to cross the river. The wooden planks can move, so you must closely observe before jumping. Try your best to win.