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Countryle is a puzzle game to predict a hidden country daily through 5 hints about the hemisphere, continent, temperature, population, and coordinates.

The Online Countryle Game

This online game is of a completely different type from Terraria, which is a survival game in a strategic format. With this new genre, Countryle players will have the opportunity to test their prediction and memory abilities. In particular, knowledge about all countries will be challenged by the daily questions of this puzzle game.

This Countryle gameplay is simple because players only need to find a hidden country every day to win. However, to find this standard country, everything may have to be tried first because this finding process requires extensive knowledge about all countries in the world.

How To Find Hidden Countries

To find the country target, Countryle players must rely on the game's hints.

5 Hints From Countryle

This online game will give you hints on 5 basic elements of a country including hemisphere, continent, temperature, population and coordinates. When you enter the country name into the search box. These elements will appear and you can rely on these suggestions to know whether your prediction is correct or not.

End Of Prediction Process

This Countryle game only ends when the player finds the hidden country. Then, you have to wait until the next day to receive new questions. Each day, the game Countryle offers only one question.