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Terraria is a Minecraft-inspired game where you can build your empire, raise bots as well as fight dangerous monsters while exploring the whole map.

Terraria's Most Impressive Things

The first impressive thing is the ability to build bases and raise bots. In other games, you can completely build houses to protect yourself. In this new game, the construction mode is taken to a whole new level where you can build bases for your bots with many different abilities that help you in battles. Your base must meet the needs of your bots. The base needs to be suitable in terms of area because there are a lot of bots. If you build without a plan, it is very difficult to meet the demand for accommodation for bots.

Moreover, this game brings you to the pixel world with various terrains. Referring to terrain, online players often think of where you can compete with other players. In this new game, you will fight monsters instead of other players. These monsters are your opponents with different fighting abilities. You need to use your abilities to defeat them. Besides, you should also prepare the necessary items before these monsters appear. Support weapons and bots are needed. In particular, the ambulance bots will help increase health to fight. These bots will be at the base and they will appear when you call them.

Controls With Terrain Diversity

In Terraria, there are many terrains and monsters for you to conquer. Therefore, you need to master your character to overcome these challenges.

  • WASD - Move
  • 0 to 9 - Select Tool
  • R - Reset Me
  • Click - Dig/Place
  • C - Center on Mouse
  • E - Open/Close Inventory
  • K - Creative Mode

There are quite a few control buttons because your character can perform a lot of different functions. At first, you may have a hard time getting used to it. However, after the practice, it is easy to use.