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Cookie Clicker


Play an idle game

Cookie Clicker is a famous idle game with simple gameplay and eye-catching graphics. The cookies in this game are realistically designed. Have fun!

Are you ready to make millions of cookies? You don't need a recipe to still create the most delicious cookies in the game. One click of your mouse can create a cookie. Once you have a lot of cookies, you can even buy some automated tools to help you create cookies. Try to make as many cookies as possible.

Impressive graphics

The graphics in this game are designed quite carefully. These delicious brown cookies will make you want to eat them. Also, depending on how many cookies you can create per second, your background will change. The tools and grandmother will be placed on the left side of the screen.

Can play when you are busy

You can do anything while playing this game. You just need to open the game and let the tools complete their task. You need to buy a lot of tools to earn a lot of cookies. Watching the process of creating cookies is also very entertaining. You can even play Sheep Sheep! and this game at once.

How to get more cookies in Cookie Clicker

This is probably the simplest cookie making game. You will have two main ways to create cookies

Click manually

You will use the mouse to click on the giant cookie in the middle of the screen. Each click will create a small cookie. This is the only way to create cakes when you first start the game.

Use automated tools and hire grandma

You have a way to create another cake, which is to hire more grandmothers and buy buildings. Grandma and buildings will automatically create lots of cookies. Of course, you also need to spend some gear to rent them or buy them.