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Color Maze Puzzle opens you up to a colorful world where you can use your wits to colorize white mazes and turn them into eye-catching locations.

Similar to Poor Eddie, this online game is like a test of your intelligence through a series of different levels.

Color Maze Puzzle Introduction

This game is an online puzzle game that challenges players to navigate a ball through a maze by moving the ball to all empty positions in the maze. The ball will leave eye-catching bands of color in the places it passes. After a maze is colored completely, you can proceed to the next level. The game’s requirement is to play in order and you can not skip any stages.
In order to start this online game, let’s choose its symbol on the main screen and tap the Play button to begin the first level. If you want to follow the number of levels, you can select the button with the 6 dots below. Here, all played and unplayed stages are presented.

More Details About Gameplay

When you join this Color Maze Puzzle game, you should pay attention to navigating ways, stars, and the end of levels.

  • Navigate the ball: Your ball will be in any position in the maze and you need to use your arrow keys to move in the respective directions. When moving, your ball only stops when it encounters an obstacle or wall. You should pay attention to this feature.
  • Match the colors: The walls of the maze will change color as you navigate through it. The color of the ball must match the color of the walls to avoid losing the game. If the color of the ball and the color of the walls don't match, the ball will explode and you'll have to start over.
  • Collect stars: There are stars scattered throughout the maze and you can get stars after completing each level. Collect as many as you can to increase your score as well as show your skills.
  • Reach the end: The goal of each level is to reach the end of each level by coloring all white areas. After that, it’s possible to move to other stages to test your abilities with more challenges. The game gets progressively harder as you go through each level.