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Poor Eddie is a puzzle game about the character Eddie. Help this character move to the destination by pushing him to go and using the available items!

This game is a new game in the gaming world with exciting levels. Let's join together and conquer each level to show our own intelligence!

About Poor Eddie

This new game belongs to the puzzle genre which helps you to show your problem-solving ability as well as your intelligence. Games of this genre often give players many different levels and this game is no exception.

All Levels Of Poor Eddie

All levels of this game are endless. When you start participating in this entertaining game, you only see 10 levels in the level list. Each level corresponds to a door and each door will correspond to a room. When entering a room, you will advance to a new level. These rooms will have a different structure, but they will still maintain some familiar features. Some significant features are obstacles and support items. In each room, obstacles are placed in any position to prevent you from moving to your destination. They can be large walls or deep pits or high floors. The character Eddie cannot move through these obstacles on his own. Therefore, you always need support items to conquer challenges.

Support items are diverse at each level. It can be a pusher and it can also be an elevator. With the appearance of each item, you need to understand its function to use it properly. For example, when you want to move to a higher floor, an elevator is useful to move. Conversely, if you want to move through a large wall, you need to activate the open button to bring this wall to another location. In conclusion, each level will give you different challenges and items and you need flexibility to use them and complete all the levels. In addition to levels, the character Eddie is also an iconic element of the game.

Character Eddie

Eddie is a boy with a special appearance. A head with 3 hairs and a big belly are always the highlight of this character. Besides, the eyes of this character are always downward. This is why Eddie needs your support to get to the end of each room. He couldn't conquer those tough challenges on his own.

Moreover, the game provides a lot of costumes for this character. Some secret outfits will be unlocked when you complete some levels. Your reward is a mysterious skin. In addition, some available costumes will be unlocked by watching ads. You can follow them in the list of skins. Some impressive skins are the Chicken, Clown, and PubG skins.

How to Control The Game

This Poor Eddie game offers two basic controls with a keyboard and mouse and it's as simple as Uno Online.

  • In terms of the mouse, you just need to click on the character or object. When you click on Eddie, he will move forward until facing an obstacle. When you click the button to activate the support item, the item will perform that function. For example, you need to click on the control button to activate the elevator operation. Otherwise, that elevator will just stand still.
  • In terms of the keyboard, you would use the spacebar and the arrow keys. Use the arrow keys to change the target object and the spacebar to activate the function. All actions of characters and items are the same as when using the mouse.