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Clash Of Navies is a sea combat game between two players to sink their opponent's battleship. With different warships and strategies, can you win?

A New Battleship Game

This new game is also a battleship game which also appears in the Battleship game. Both of these online games focus on sea battles between two players. Players need to sink their opponent's warship to win. However, the shooting gameplay between these two battleship games has different characteristics. To understand these different features, players can see the next section, details of Clash Of Navies.

Details Of Clash Of Navies

This fighting game gives you 2-player gameplay with clear goals.

The Goal of 2 Players

All players of Clash Of Navies want to sink all of their opponents' warships to win. The objective is achieved when the enemy's main battleship is sunk. There are support ships around. Players must always shoot them down before reaching the main ship.

How to Fight in Clash Of Navies

Players have 3 fixed warships. Besides, you can place new warships in your area. After that, these new ships will move towards the enemy base and attack the enemy. When placing new ships, you need effective strategies to protect your base and attack enemies in Clash Of Navies.