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Cats Drop


Cats Drop is an online matching game to merge two similar cats. After merging, you can create a new cat with a larger size and the goal is the largest cat.

Game Introduction

Welcome to this Cats Drop game for puzzle battles! This online game is an ideal game to challenge the players' intelligence by matching cats. The cats are offered randomly in different sizes. As a result, you will face many challenges to merge cats.

Besides the attractive gameplay, the Cats Drop game also stands out with its eye-catching graphics. Each cat is meticulously designed with an adorable appearance. Let's join this online game to have entertaining battles with cats!

Gameplay Of Cats Drop

The gameplay of this online game focuses on two elements: cat-merge rules and controls.

Cat-Merging Rules

In this Cats Drop game, you just need to release the provided cats onto the playing field. When two identical cats touch each other, you can create a new cat with a larger size. Each new cat has a higher level. There are 11 levels for the cats. The cat at level 11 is the cat with the highest level. To create this biggest cat, players must know how to save space and merge as many cats as possible. If you leave too many small cats, you won't have space to drop new cats.

If a cat falls off the playing field, this Cats Drop game will end immediately.

Controls Of Cats Drop

Like Stack Bounce, you just need to use your mouse to move and click to drop the cat.