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Candy Jump


Candy Jump is a running game where you control a candy through closed objects. Note that you need to choose locations of the same color as your candy.

About Candy Jump

The new online game focuses on skillful control of the players. This gameplay also appears in other online games on our website and Caves FRVR is an outstanding example. Players can control their characters to conquer challenges. In this Candy Jump game, your character is a candy. During the control process, players need to control the speed of the candy. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the challenges of this new game. They will not let you conquer easily, so pay special attention to the challenges.

Challenges For Candy

When you play Candy Jump, you face two main challenges: speed and closed objects.

Speed Of Candy Jump

In the new game, there are two types of speed: the speed of the candy and the speed of the obstacles.

You can control the speed of candy, your character. To control candy, you need to click the left mouse button. Each time you click, your candy character will jump one step. If you click quickly, your candy character will move quickly.

In terms of object speed, closed objects will rotate continuously at different speeds.

Closed Objects

Besides speed, closed objects also come in many colors and shapes. You just need to care about their color. Your candy can only move through locations of the same color. If you touch positions of different colors, this Candy Jump game will end immediately.