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Caves FRVR


Caves FRVR is an online running game where you start controlling a spaceship in an endless cave. This cave is deep, dark, and filled with dangers.

Spaceship And Cave

In this Caves FRVR game, spaceships and caves are the two most important objects. Let's learn about these two important subjects together.

Spaceship In Caves FRVR

This online game allows you to control a spaceship. This spacecraft has a striking appearance in the dark cave because it can emit light. Light is emitted from the energy chamber. As your spacecraft moves, its energy will decrease over time. As a result, you need to find energy stations to recharge. If you can't get to the power station in time, your spaceship may stop working.

Endless Dark Cave

In Caves FRVR, your spaceship will move through an endless and dark cave. This cave has no end, so you can move forever. Besides that, there are power stations, diamonds, and obstacles. Of course, power stations and diamonds are useful for you while obstacles are dangerous for your spaceship.

During movement, your spacecraft needs to avoid collisions. If the spacecraft collides 5 times, it will be destroyed.

Controls Of Caves FRVR

To control the spaceship, you just need to use the up, left, and right arrow keys. The controls are more challenging than EG Uno io, a significant puzzle game on our website.