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Blumgi Rocket


Blumgi Rocket is a driving game where you can turn your racing car into a rocket. With familiar controls, the car is waiting for you to conquer many levels.

About Blumgi Rocket

This new game belongs to the driving genre where players control their cars to conquer challenges. In many other driving games, your car can become a bicycle, a motorcycle, or a ship. Transportation is dependent on each game.

The challenges are also similar as players face unique difficulties. In Blumgi Rocket, players will face dangerous obstacles and complex terrain. It is similar to Blumgi Castle where you also need to conquer challenges to complete the mission of getting the bomb for the adorable frog.

Blumgi Gameplay

Blumgi's gameplay is typical of this online game with simple controls.

Controls Of Blumgi Rocket

When you participate in this driving game, your task is to control your car to reach the finish line. With this basic task, you need to understand how to control your car.

To control Blumgi Rocket, you just need to use the arrow keys. In particular, you can use the spacebar to turn your car into a rocket.

Car And Rocket

Your car and rocket have a close relationship in this Blumgi Rocket game. When you press the spacebar, your racing car will charge and launch like a rocket. Its movement and speed depend on the recharge time.