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Blumgi Castle is a multilevel bomb-throwing game where you control the throwing direction and bomb explosion time to eliminate all opponents! In this online game, players will experience thrilling adventures to throw bombs correctly!

Bomb-Throwing Gameplay

In Blumgi Castle, players mainly participate in matches with bombs. Occasionally, you may also receive some other weapons like lasers, wheels, or spikes. However, all weapons have the same attack, so let's learn about your main weapon, the bombs.

How To Aim In Blumgi Castle

Your character will possess bombs, your main weapons to destroy enemies. Before throwing the bombs, make sure to aim accurately to throw the bomb to the enemy's location. This phase is extremely important because your enemies are often in different positions. Flappy Dunk is a good example of when you need to control your ball to throw it into baskets. It is very difficult to hit them if you don't aim carefully.

In order to aim in Blumgi Castle, you can use the left and right arrow keys. While in use, you can see the red target move. That is the direction of your bombing.

How To Throw And Activate Bombs

All players can throw a bomb by pressing the spacebar in Blumgi Castle. Note that you can press and hold the spacebar to increase the force of the bomb throw. To control the force of the throw, observe a white line that is created on the bomb after pressing the spacebar.

However, the bomb will not automatically activate and explode. Instead, players need to press the spacebar again to trigger the bomb to explode at the required location. With this gameplay, this arcade game requires players to have a lot of skill to aim, throw, and time accurately.

Other Blumgi Castle Features

At each level, the number of bombs is limited to destroy the enemies. In addition, a few enemies can throw bombs and attack you. Therefore, you need to make the most of the opportunities to bomb and destroy opponents in the least number of times possible.

After 5 levels, players will receive a Blumgi Castle chest to unlock new characters.