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Bitlife is an online arcade game where players can live a new life with realistic simulations of family, health, career, happiness, and other relationships. In this simulation game, players can decide everything that belongs to your life.

Start The Bitlife Game

To start this online game, press the New Life button to start your simulated life in this Bitlife gaming world. After that, your avatar will appear in the newborn stage with basic information.

For example, you can be Lily Stroker born in Detroit, United States on June 5. She was conceived in a motel in Las Vegas. Her mother is Kristen Stroker, a firefighter (age 21) and her father is unknown. Her family has a dog called Athena.

Your new life can start with such basic information. In particular, right from birth, you will have 4 basic indicators of Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks. Pay attention to the colors of these indicators. If they are green, everything is fine. However, if they turn yellow, your life will move to the warning level and red will be bad.

How To Continue Your Life

To continue the Bitlife game, you can perform two tasks: add age and select life elements.

Add Age In Bitlife

To add age to this simulation game, players just need to press the plus button in the middle of the game screen. After each click, your character will gain one year of age. At different ages, you will face different situations.

For example, the character Lily Stroker was 2 years old when her mother was promoted to Fire Equipment Operator. However, at age 4, Lily's mother was promoted to Lieutenant, and Lily was diagnosed with lactose intolerance.

With each different situation, you will have different ways of behaving.

Choose Options For Life

To make choices for Bitlife, you can click on 4 sections: Infant, Assets, Relationships, and Activities. In these sections, you can choose sub-elements such as Cars, Real Estate, Adoption, Casino, Crime, Dotor, Horse Races, Layer Suits, etc. However, you cannot do all of these activities right from the beginning. Instead, you need to meet the required conditions such as age, economic conditions, health conditions, and a few other considerations.

Based on your actions, the factors of Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks will also change.

If you love this simulation game, don't hesitate and join now. In addition to Bitlife, you can also join Monkey Mart to become an active monkey and live as a supermarket owner with diverse products.