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Monkey Mart is a fun simulation game where you become a monkey to trade and operate a supermarket with thousands of monkey customers and workers. In addition, there are many goods from your production.

Enter Monkey Wolrd

Welcome to Monkey Mart where you can join a special habitat with mischievous monkeys! In this world, you will become a boss who creates a mart and operates it. In your supermarket, all the characters are monkeys. Monkey customers continuously come and buy necessary items. Monkey employees are busy with a variety of tasks to meet customer needs.

This special living environment will bring you unique experiences. In particular, the game's design, graphics, and effects are very good. All motion effects are smooth and flexible. As a result, you can fully immerse yourself in this entertaining world with adorable monkeys.

Start Monkey Mart

To start operating a supermarket, you need to start up with $30 available. Use $5 to unlock the cashier counter, $20 to build a banana stand, and $5 to grow a banana tree. Your sales job will start from selling bananas. Once you have income and capital, you can expand your monkey supermarket with more items, stalls, and employees. As a result, your supermarket will attract more customers and earn more profits.

However, be careful of some mischievous monkey customers who may throw your products on the ground. Send them away and get on with business. Besides, your employees can fall asleep at any time. Wake them up instantly for productive work!