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Bejeweled is an online gem-arranging game where players match gems in 2 modes: Classic and Speed. Gems' special power sources are waiting for you to discover!

Bejeweled Information

Welcome to the new puzzle game inspired by Candy Match Saga! Coming to this Bejeweled game, you can experience similar candy-matching gameplay. However, there are also a few different features compared to the Candy Match Saga game.

This Bejeweled game will focus on gems of different colors and shapes. Each gem plays the same role in each match. In particular, they always have a hidden source of power that will be shown when you connect enough gems. For example, you can create a Gem Star when matching 2 intersecting matches.

Gem-Matching Gameplay And Modes

Let's learn about two outstanding features of Bejeweled through gameplay and modes.

Bejeweled Gameplay

Your task is to exchange 2 gems with each other to create a set of 3 or more identical gems. After that, you can remove them and receive points from Bejeweled.

During this matching process, players need to follow certain rules. First, the gems need to be aligned vertically or horizontally. Second, they must be of the same gem type. In addition, your matches will also be affected by the rules of the modes.

Gem-Matching Modes

The Bejeweled game has 2 modes: Classic and Speed. Classic mode allows you to play an endless match while Speed mode will be fast-paced with a time limit.