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Candy Match Saga is a candy-matching game with flexible timing according to your achievements. The faster you can connect the candies, the more time you have. This game is new to challenge you to run with time.

Candy-Matching Time

This Candy Match Saga game will be limitless if you can make the most of the time factor. There is a time bar on the left side of the screen. This time bar can increase or decrease based on your performance.

When you successfully combine candies, the time bar will increase. On the contrary, if you think too long and do not make the connection, the time bar will gradually decrease. As a result, the game will end if time is over.

Through this rule, every player can see the importance of candy matching. Besides, you also see that playing time depends on your ability. High or low achievement depends on your playing style.

Candy Match Saga Gameplay

Besides the time factor, this game does not limit players to any other rules. You just need to connect the candies to create a set of 3 or more candies of the same color.

In particular, this matching game does not have any superpowers to challenge players in a unique way. This feature may surprise many players because superpowers are one of the highlights of the candy series. However, this new candy game focuses on the player's pure playability, so all superpowers have been removed.