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Play basketball through online game

Basket Random is famous in the gaming community that loves sports games. This game simulates intense basketball matches in which you will be a player.

Once you join this game, you don't need to download it or pay to play it. You just need to make sure your device is connected to the internet and you can experience this online basketball game right in your browser. To enhance the realism of the game, you will have to confront other opponents. Can you win against formidable opponents?

How to play in Basket Random

With fast gameplay, you need to control two characters at the same time continuously to be able to score and block your opponent's moves. You also can experience other games such as Unicycle Hero.

Get 5 points first

As soon as you reach 5 points before your opponent, you will be the winner. Of course, you will lose if your opponent scores 5 points before you. Therefore, you need to create many opportunities to get close to the opponent's basket and throw the ball into the basket. Also, prevent your opponent's shots from reaching your team's basket. Make sure you are always in control of the ball.

Play 2-player or 1-player mode

This game allows you to invite another friend to join this game. You and your friend will have to become opponents. Two people will play the game on one device. The characters can be difficult to control because they don't move like you want them to. If you play alone, choose 1 player mode. At this point, your opponent will be the CPU.