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ZigZag is a control game on zigzag platforms. These platforms form a path with countless exits to challenge the control abilities of all players. Are you ready to experience thrilling roads with this special game?

Run With ZigZag Platforms

Coming to this control game, you will conquer special paths from different platforms. The platforms have the same width and different lengths. In particular, they arrange to form zigzag shapes. This road is characterized by many turns. Players must constantly change direction to avoid falling.

The specialness of this game comes from the roads, but they are not the only ones. Besides, you can also experience many thrilling challenges when coming to this new game.

Other Thrilling Challenges

First, this game is extremely challenging because the ZigZag paths are not easy to conquer. Especially, when you approach roads with continuous turns, your control ability will be challenged.

Second, it is not easy to unlock a new ball in this game. The cheapest ball requires 100 cards while there are 500-card balls. It will be simple if you have a lot of cards. However, this online game does not allow you to conquer challenges so easily. The cards will be scattered across the platforms and collecting them is extremely challenging. You not only need to run as far as possible but also collect as many cards as possible.