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Who is?


Who is? is an online puzzle game to find people who are lying in many different situations. Find evidence first to make them unable to deny their actions! Are you ready to solve thousands of puzzles in this new game?

Way to Solve Puzzles in Who is?

This online game includes many different puzzles and each puzzle is a situation. You need to find someone who fits the game's requirements through clear evidence.

Find Evidence For Who is?

Your first task is to find evidence to prove who is lying. The evidence is just located in the playing area. The challenge is whether you can find it or not.

For example, you need to find a terrorist among three men at the airport. How to find evidence? Move the scanner to check their luggage and you will find the person carrying the bomb. In another situation, you need to find a black cat in a black picture. Use the glass to look at it. It will help you see all the objects in that picture.

Choose Objects Correctly

After finding evidence, you can choose an object to answer the question Who is? If you answer wrongly, you can choose again. On the contrary, you will advance to a new level immediately. At some levels, it is not necessary to select objects. You just need to find the evidence and the game will automatically move to the next level.

Like Water Sort, to select objects, you just need to use your mouse and click.

Some Other Information About the Game

This Who is? game has 200+ levels with unique puzzles. After completing a puzzle, you can get the light bulbs to get hints from the game. If you don't have enough light bulbs to get the hint, you can watch the video to get free light bulbs.