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Wheel of Fortune is an entertaining game that depends on your luck to spin and get prizes with great value. With your luck, how much bonus can you win? It's an endless game for all players to test their fortune!

The Fortune Gameplay

In Wheel of Fortune, all results will depend on your luck to win the prizes. Starting the game, you receive 200$. With this $200, you will decide to bet before entering a match.

You can bet from $10 to $100. It is impossible to bet less or more than this rule. Of course, when you change the bet amount, the bonus amount will also change from $0 to $10,000. $10,000 only appears when you bet $100. To change the bet amount, just press the plus or minus button on either side.

After that, let's spin to receive the prize. Your bet amount will be deducted immediately after you spin and the prize will be awarded with the result after the spin stops.

Wheel of Fortune Highlights

This new game stands out with its simple gameplay and depends on your luck. You just need to spin the wheel with your mouse.

In addition, the element of luck will bring laughter to the players. Especially, when you challenge your luck with friends, the game will become even more interesting.