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Point and click in We Become What We Behold to record all events in the circle and square community! All members will follow your photos to show attitude.

Do you know this special community of circles and squares? Let's find out what's in this special community!

The Circle-And-Square Community

This particular community consists of two main groups: circle and square. Their heads have the same shape as their names, so special names were born.

Initially, the online society in We Become What We Behold was simple with simple members. There was only a couple and an old man wearing a hat. However, this community will quickly become chaos with your photos. Why and how do photographs influence this square and round community?

Photos in We Become What We Behold

Photographs play an important role to create mutations in square and round society, a completely different cmmunity with Idle Ants.

The Impact of Photographs

The members of We Become What We Behold will look at the photo that is displayed on the screen in the middle. Using this method, members can follow events and trends taking place in the community. They can be influenced by these events and trends because of the spread in the community.

For example, influences of photos is clearly shown by the trend of wearing hats. With the image of a trendy old man wearing a hat, other circles and squares also started wearing hats and created a hot trend. However, also because of the photos, this trend of wearing hats was quickly erased.

How To Take Photos In We Become What We Behold

Your mouse will act as the camera. When you move your mouse in We Become What We Behold, the viewfinder will move and you just need to click to take a photo at your preferred location.