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Tunnel Rush


Tunnel Rush is a fast-paced speed game with an octagonal tunnel. Players will face extremely fast running speeds and challenging moving obstacles. In this new game, players often pay attention to 2 main factors: Speed and Obstacles.

Speed and Obstacles

In Tunnel Rush, speed and obstacles are two outstanding factors. They make the game special in the vast gaming world. Let's learn about these two factors together!

Tunnel Rush Speed

Speed is an important factor in running games and Tunnel Rush is no exception. In this online game, players will experience running in an octagonal tunnel at high speed. In particular, instead of increasing speed gradually, the game is at a high pace right from the start. This speed can make it difficult for players. However, it is an addictive factor when players gradually get used to this running speed.

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Red Moving Obstacles

In Tunnel Rush, red and moving obstacles are prominent. All players' control abilities are challenged by obstacles.

Red obstacles appear continuously in the tunnel. In particular, they can rotate at high speed. You need to find a safe path to avoid colliding with these obstacles. However, with the movement of tunnels and obstacles, this task is not easy to achieve high scores.

High Score in Tunnel Rush

To get a high score in Tunnel Rush, you need to run as far as possible because this game's tunnel is endless. The tunnel has no end. As long as you don't collide, the game can continue forever.

To control, use the left and right arrow keys to move in the tunnel. It's easy to control, but it's challenging to get a high score. Good luck!