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Tiny Jelly provides you with 24+ levels to test your intelligence by completing missions. Let's connect the same jelly candy to remove them and get points.

All Tiny Jelly Levels

All levels in the puzzle game have different missions that require the player to complete in order to progress to new levels. On the main screen, you can follow the list of levels. You will start at level 1 and the next levels will be locked. It is accessible to level 2 once you complete level 1. This rule will continue for all remaining levels.

The difference between the levels is the quest and the playing field. Your mission will change depending on the score and the number of swipes. Besides, your playing field is also diverse with many shapes to increase the challenge for players.

Gameplay And SuperPower

In this Tiny Jelly game, there are different types of jelly with different colors and shapes. You need to connect the same jelly to form a link and remove them. After each successful removal, you will get extra points based on the amount of jelly.

You can connect 3 or more jellies. Based on the amount of jelly, it is possible to create superpowers. For example, you can swipe 6 jellies to get a bonus.