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Introduction about the game

Thrill Roller Coaster is an interesting game with a stickman. Your task is to help the main character pass through dangerous railway tracks.

The game is designed with simple graphics so you only need a few seconds to load game data. You will see a stickman sitting on a train that is moving on the tracks. This track is quite special because it has many challenges. Broken railway tracks will be an interesting challenge for players. Each time you pass a challenge and your train gets an extra carriage. However, your character can also fall into the abyss if you make a mistake.

How to play Thrill Roller Coaster

Next, I will talk a little about the rules of this game. Please follow the instructions to win this game.

Flip through gaps

As mentioned, the rails will be divided to form gaps. These gaps are quite dangerous because they cause the main character to fall down the cliff. You just need to click and hold the left mouse button to gain momentum and flip through the gaps. As soon as you see gaps, click to gain momentum immediately. You need to calculate the width of the gaps and the position of the train to flip correctly.

Change skins

You can change characters when you have enough gold. You will unlock new skins randomly when you have 2000 gold coins. If you don't have enough gold, you can watch a short ad to get 300 gold coins.