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Territory War is a new online fighting game with 2-team gameplay. Control your army to fight your opponents and gain control of your territory.

Territory War Unblocked

Welcome to a new unblocked game on our website! There are many similar games of this competitive gameplay and is an example. In both games, players want to conquer their territory. However, the playing way and the number of players are completely different.

In addition, in this Territory War game, your soldiers are stickmen who you can directly control to move and fight. Therefore, online battles will become more interesting with stickmen. Now, it's time to learn more about 2-team gameplay and how to control soldiers.

2-Team Gameplay And Controls

In the game Territory War, players can experience a match between two teams with the following features.

War Between Two Teams

Starting the first mission, you own an army with 3 soldiers. Don't forget to name the soldiers before you start the match. Entering a battle, you need to decide each soldier's moves and attacks. After that, destroy all enemies to gain control of the territory.

Controls Of Territory War

Use your mouse to choose Move or Stay. If you choose Move, you can control your soldier with the arrow keys and spacebar. If you choose Stay, the turn will belong to your opponent.

In addition, after you finish moving, you need to decide one more option: Attack or Stay. If you choose Attack, choose a weapon and use it according to the instructions on the game screen.