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Super Brawl 2 is a two-player fighting action game. You can transform into famous cartoon characters like Skipper, Spongebob, Kitty Katswell, or Danny Phantom.

A New Action Game

Welcome to this Super Brawl 2 game! This new game belongs to the action genre with notable characters. However, let's take a closer look at the game genre of this second Super Brawl version.

This game puts players in an arena to battle an opponent for 80 seconds. Each match will bring you exciting experiences to show off your super fighting skills. To bring this feature to players, the game Super Brawl 2 has provided many features, especially characters and fighting styles.

Features of Super Brawl 2

There are many features in this fighting action game and one of them is the character.

Super Cartoon Characters

As you can know, this Super Brawl 2 game brings famous cartoon characters such as Plankton, Sheen, Chum Chum, Monkey, Sandy, and Jimmy Neutron. These characters appear in famous animated films and now you can transform into them.

In particular, each character will have different fighting skills.

How To Fight In Super Brawl 2

To fight, players only need to control their character to defeat their opponents. Before matches, you can choose characters, opponents, and arenas. After that, use the control keys to fight.

Super Brawl 2 Control Keys

  • Arrow - Move
  • Z - Kick
  • X - Punch

Besides, you can combine up arrow + Z to attack and right arrow + right arrow + X to use a special attack.

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