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Play Sugar, Sugar to fill cups online with sugar. Endless grains of sugar will fall from the comma and your task is to draw a line to put them in the cup. This online game has a new theme with an attractive gameplay.

The Filling Theme

This Sugar, Sugar game has a new theme with an endless amount of sugar. Sugars often do not appear in online games because they do not have many outstanding features. However, this new game has exploited the potential of sugar to bring them into the gaming world.

In this world, sugar grains play a key role in completing all levels. Players of Sugar, Sugar can watch the endless landing of sugar grains.

The Sugar, Sugar Gameplay

The gameplay of this filling game is simple to complete each level.

Missions In Each Level

Each Sugar, Sugar level will give you cups. These cups are placed in different positions. The game requires to fill these cups with sugar. How to fill the cups with sugar while the sugar will fall freely from the comma? Your task is to draw paths for sugar transport. This mission is a way for Brain Test. Note that the game will limit your number of draws.

How To Control Sugar, Sugar

Let's use your mouse to draw paths and fill in cups. In case of failure, you can press the Reset button to replay this level.