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Stumble Guys is known as game where you join multiplayer races to overcome a range of obstacles and compete with other online players.

Multiplayer gameplay appears in many online games on our website. For example, you can join Cubes to fight with cubes and collect as many blocks as possible. However, this cube game requires you to move like snakes while this new game will give you cute beans.

The Cute Beans In Stumble Guys

The main character is inspired by beans with long and fat bodies. The character's whole body is covered with a single color and each character will have a unique color. This creates a colorful world. You can also lock in new skins for your character to make your character more interesting.

Besides, the way beans move is very special when they are always unbalanced. Your character will constantly lean to different sides. This will make it difficult for you to control with the arrow keys. Moreover, obstacles always block your way and make you fall into dangerous situations. Other players can also attack or push you into trap zones. All challenges test your control ability. Navigate, overcome all difficulties, and reach the destination.

Features Of A Match

A match will be divided into several rounds with the participation of many online players in Stumble Guys. Players who run to the destination within the allotted time will advance to the next round. Rounds will continue until a only winner is found. The challenges in rounds are very diverse.

Besides, do not forget to pay attention to the elements on the main screen before entering an official match. These factors will help you increase the fun of the game. For example, you can set a name for your character or customize an outfit. These 2 elements help your character become unique in multiplayer races. Other factors such as Party, Account, and Settings are also available for you to set at the top right of the main screen.