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Play Spin Escape to bring your ball escape from a maze with various shapes. From the start to the end, obstacles will prevent from winning easily.

Spin Escape Gameplay

This online game belongs to the puzzle genre combined with escaping elements with many different levels. When participating in this puzzle game, players can challenge their abilities with the floating ball.

Floating Ball in Spin Escape

The object to be rescued is a ball. This ball looks completely similar to regular balls. However, it has a special ability: flying. It can fly in the sky of Spin Escape. Currently, this ball is trapped by a maze. Please help the ball by spinning that maze.

Spin the Maze to Escape

Each of Spin Escape's mazes can be rotated. When you spin the maze, the ball will move in the direction of the maze and fly to different positions. You need to use this method to move the ball and get it back into the free sky. Instead of moving the ball, you will move the maze.

How to move mazes in Spin Escape: use left and right arrows.

All Levels Of Spin Escape

This puzzle game includes many levels with different mazes and balls. Mazes can have many shapes and paths. They can also contain dangerous obstacles that destroy your ball.

In addition, each level includes many different mazes and you need to escape from all of them to complete a level.

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