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Solitaire Chess


Solitaire Chess is an online brain game where you need to use pieces available to remove all other chess pieces. You can only leave one piece on the board.

About Solitaire Chess

Welcome to a new puzzle game on our website! This Solitaire Chess game is a combination of chess and solitaire games that promises to bring you interesting experiences.

In this intellectual game, players can move the pieces according to normal chess rules. In addition, the goal of Solitaire Chess belongs to the solitaire game, Solitaire Klondike where players need to remove all cards. In this new game, you just need to remove the chess pieces and you are allowed to leave one chess piece.

Piece-Removing Rules

There are a few important rules for removing pieces. Let's learn about the rules of Solitaire Chess together!

Chess-Inspired Rules

The piece-removing way follows the rules of basic chess. Players can move pieces depending on their role. For example, if you move a pawn, you can only move it forward one square. In addition, pawns can only move on squares of the same color. However, if you move the knights, you need to move in an L shape.

In addition, players should not forget about the solitaire gameplay. Your goal is to remove the pieces on the board. The number of chess pieces is not many like Solitaire, but they are enough to challenge all players.

Hints Of Solitaire Chess

With the game regulations, chess players will have many advantages. If you are not familiar with chess rules, this Solitaire Chess game will provide hints. When you select a piece, possible moves will be highlighted. You just need to rely on suggestions to make moving decisions.