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Sling Drift is a special swing-driving game. You will control the direction of your car through curves by using ropes to swing into checkpoints.

The Special Driving Way

The Sling Drift game offers you special gameplay while driving your car. Instead of using the navigation keys to change the direction of your car, you will swing the rope. When your car moves close to the bends, you need to press and hold the left mouse button to use the rope and swing to checkpoint points. At every bend, there are checkpoints for you to use.

The advantage of this gameplay is that it is simple and easy to control. However, it also has disadvantages because it will require high skills in calculation and timing. You need to make sure your car always turns safely because any collision will destroy your car. Timing and determining the length of the rope is extremely important to successfully negotiate a curve.

Some Modes Of Sling Drift

This driving game will give you several modes to increase the fun. First, you can customize your car or buy new cars before participating in races. Besides, Race mode is always waiting for you to participate. However, it is only unlocked after you complete 5 challenges. Finally, don't forget to follow the rankings to see the leading players.